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Founded in 1958, shaanxi national defense industry vocational and technical college is a full-time institution of higher learning sponsored by the people's government of shaanxi province. Affiliated to the third and fifth ministry of machinery industry of China, the ministry of weapons industry of China, and China weapons industry corporation, the college is a key supporting institution of the state commission of science, technology and industry for national defense. In 1999, the college was transferred to the administration of shaanxi province, and in 2001, it was upgraded to a full-time higher vocational college. It is a college jointly built by shaanxi province and China ordnance industry group, state administration of science, technology and industry for national defense, the leading unit of shaanxi national defense industry vocational education group, and the vice President of China aerospace science, technology and education union. Since its establishment, the college has been based in shaanxi province, oriented to national defense, and cultivated a large number of innovative and high-quality technical and technical talents for China's national defense science, technology, industry and economic and social development.

College honors. At present, the college is the national vocational education advanced unit, the national quality in higher vocational colleges, the national defense education characteristic school, the national demonstrative higher vocational colleges backbone construction outstanding units, the ministry of education level training of personnel evaluation of outstanding units, the national modern apprenticeship pilot colleges and universities, the national defense science, technology and industry, national defence education practice base culture education base, huang yanpei vocational education schools, the national excellent vocational colleges ShiYanJiao digital campus construction, national sports advanced unit of construction of schools, "first-class schools" in shaanxi, shaanxi vocational education advanced unit, the shaanxi provincial civilized unit, national defense science, technology and industry system of advanced school in shaanxi province.

Infrastructure. College is located in xi 'an Hu city area, has two campuses, covering an area of 1003 mu, building area of 410000 square meters, fixed assets 484 million yuan, the total cost of the paper library of 796300 books, electronic books, 29500 G. Access to the Internet outlet bandwidth of 4400Mbps, realizing the full coverage of campus wireless network. The college has college students' activity center, 400m standard plastic track and field stadium and other sports venues, college students' restaurant, college students' activity center, multi-functional lecture hall, new student apartments equipped with air conditioning and other infrastructure.

Professional Settings. Recruit students of both in and out of college for open cover equipment manufacturing, electronic information, biological, and drugs such as 11 categories of 57 professionals, including national demonstration construction key professional four, provincial, central fiscal support professional 2, 2 national demonstration vocational colleges class specialty, colleges and universities in Shanxi Province "first-class professional" professional six 14, comprehensive reform, the formation of the professional group of mechatronics technology, software technology professional group to lead, to military electronics, energy power, military industry, materials for the support of professional group of coordinated development pattern.

Teaching achievement. In recent years, the college has won 3 national teaching achievement awards and 10 provincial teaching achievements, and presided over 1 national teaching resource database and 3 provincial teaching resources. Teachers have published 6,574 academic papers, including 1,352 in core journals, 19 in SCI, EI and other journals. The number of papers included in cnki ranks the fourth among vocational colleges in China. Teachers have set up 528 scientific research projects, authorized 182 national patents, and published 414 academic works and textbooks. Students have won 34 national skills competition awards and 328 provincial level awards, and 2 second prizes in the "challenge cup" national extracurricular academic science and technology works competition for college students.

Faculty. At present, the college has more than 14,000 students and 900 faculty members, including 42 professors, 320 secondary senior professional titles and above, 439 teachers with double teacher quality, and 437 doctoral and postgraduate students. 1 staff enjoy the special allowance of the state council of experts, the national defense education expert 2 people, 1 people in shaanxi province has outstanding contribution expert, 1 "TeZhi plan" talents, 1 "outstanding young talent", model workers, 3 people, the top four, technology experts, 27, 3 provincial teaching team, teaching masters 11 people.

Training conditions. There are 499 training bases in and out of the university jointly built by the college and enterprises, including 12 national training bases and 2 provincial training bases, 127 military training bases with military equipment manufacturing characteristics, and 241 experimental training rooms in the university. There are 4 "middle school factories", 13 university-enterprise cooperation workstations, 4 technical research institutes and 10 skill master studios, which have set up a practical teaching platform integrating "teaching, production, scientific research, training and service".

School-enterprise cooperation. Taking shaanxi national defense industry vocational education group as the platform, the college closely follows the industrial development and industry needs, and carries out all-round and in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with more than one hundred military enterprises and institutions in and outside the province to explore a new mode of talent cultivation with wide influence in the whole country. The college has cooperated with mercedes-benz to build a factory standard laboratory and set up Benz order classes. Signed school-enterprise cooperation agreement with basf co., LTD., becoming the first higher vocational college in shaanxi to cooperate with the company; It has signed a school-enterprise cooperation strategy with mizuho, a Japanese elderly service institution, to jointly cultivate elderly service talents. Build the ministry of education "industrial robot vocational talents training center" "ministry of education - zte ICT industry innovation base".

Campus culture. The college was born in national defense, grew up in national defense, and served national defense. In 60 years of school accumulation, the spirit of huangyan cave, the spirit of two bombs and one star, the spirit of military industry and other condensed "loyalty and dedication; Erudite, self-cultivation; Love military industry, high technology; Perseverance, perseverance, pursuit of excellence "" loyalty, martial arts" national defense vocational education spirit; It has built the only "national military culture and education base" in the same kind of colleges and universities, which consists of four modules: national defense science and technology exhibition hall, li jian square, military culture wall and military quality training and development center.

International exchange. As a member of One Belt And One Road and the international alliance for skill development of brics countries, the college has established long-term and in-depth cooperative relations with dugendorf university, camperman college, Australia, northern university of Malaysia and BKS institute in Germany, and selected students for exchange study. Cooperate with many Japanese institutions, select students to practice employment in Japan; We have signed cooperation agreements with six Pakistani universities, including the naide university of engineering and technology of Pakistan, and carried out extensive cooperation in cooperative education, teacher training, inter-school exchanges, scientific research and other aspects.

Education effectiveness. School over the past 60 years, the institute adhering to the "thick, heavy can learn," the school motto, and "diligence, rigorous, realistic and innovative" spirit, active practice of "sincerity, bo, wu, yi" defense vocational spirit, is fundamental task with khalid ents, don't forget the beginner's mind, struggling to move forward, the employment rate remained at more than 95% a year, for the country has trained more than 87000 distribution in weapons, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding and other industries of outstanding graduates, Emerge out of the famous scientists in ammunition experts, has the world influence, the Yangtze river scholars distinguished professor, national May 1 labor medal winner, liaoning provincial model worker and xian sichuan craftsmen, artisans, craftsmen and other industry leading talent and high-quality talents in the field of military industry characteristics technical skills, development has made the remarkable contribution for our country.

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