School leaders check the preparation for the new semester

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On the afternoon of August 26, school leaders zhang weiping, liu minhan, wang mingzhe, Yang cong, liu shaoyang, zhang yongjun, quan weiqiang and meng fanzeng led a team to inspect the preparation work before the opening of the school.

The leaders of the school inspected the renovation and construction of the students' apartment, canteen, bathhouse and teaching training building. In the student apartment, the school leader went into the student dormitory to inspect the new bed and table, and asked the student work department to start from the details, improve the service quality, and provide good accommodation conditions for students. In the student dining hall, school leaders conduct field inspection, requiring staff to ensure food safety, meet students' dining needs, and strengthen the safety inspection of gas and electricity consumption in the restaurant. The school leaders went into the students' bathroom and asked the construction unit to speed up the progress, to ensure that it was put into use before the beginning of the term, and to provide good bathing conditions for students. In the construction site of intelligent manufacturing center and comprehensive training building, school leaders require the construction unit to arrange the construction period reasonably, accelerate the construction progress and put into use according to the plan on the premise of ensuring the quality. In view of the problems found in the inspection process, the responsible units are required to promptly rectify, hoping that all units can further do their own work, provide students with good living and learning conditions with high-quality services, and ensure the orderly implementation of all work at the beginning of the semester.

Party and government office, student affairs office, logistics office, infrastructure office, security office and other relevant departments with the person in charge of the inspection.





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