The special examination for higher vocational enrollment expansion in 2019 is going on smoothly

Date:2019/08/29     |     Author:

On August 28, 2019, our school successfully held the 2019 special examination for higher vocational enrollment expansion. Students from all over the country came to our school to take the cultural quality and vocational skills test. During the examination, zhang yongjun, vice President, accompanied by the dean's office and other department heads, went deep into the site to guide the work. Under the careful preparation of each department of our school, the special examination work of enrollment expansion has been standardized and run in an orderly manner.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the special examination for higher vocational college enrollment expansion, college leaders attached great importance to it. They held the pre-exam coordination work, strengthened the organization and leadership, standardized the working process, systematically deployed and coordinated, and formulated the job responsibilities of each post. Require the relevant departments to formulate work plans in advance, carefully plan, carefully arrange, do all the work.

Relevant departments of the college provide on-site confirmation, examination consultation, security emergency and other "one-stop" services for examinees to create a safe and good examination environment. The meticulous examination work, warm and thoughtful services, beautiful and clean campus environment has been widely praised by students and thumb up.




Wen/liu huitu, academic affairs office/fan yuqing editor/guo hui, publicity department

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