Our school holds the new semester middle-level leadership cadre meeting

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On the afternoon of August 29th, a meeting of middle-level and above cadres was held in the lecture hall of the fourth teaching school in north campus. University leaders liu minhan, wang mingzhe, Yang cong, liu shaoyang, quan weiqiang, zhang yongjun, meng fanzeng and middle-level cadres of the university attended the meeting, which was presided over by Yang cong, deputy secretary of the party committee.




Zhang yongjun, deputy dean of the school, firstly summarized the enrollment work of the school in 2019, introduced the enrollment and admission situation in detail, summarized the experience of the enrollment work, and arranged the relevant work for the next step.

At the meeting, dean liu minhan arranged the deployment of the beginning of the main work. First, carry out "never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind" theme education activities, deepen the reform of education and teaching, improve the quality of teaching and educating people; Second, collaborative innovation to improve the level of school governance; Third, strict teaching management to ensure the quality of teaching; The fourth is to focus on the construction of ideological and political theory courses with the efforts of the whole school; Fifth, strengthen campus management and create a good learning atmosphere; Sixth, the establishment of information leading group, improve the digital campus service level; Seventh, to prepare for the talent conference and encourage the flow of talents to teachers; Eight is to strive for national "double high" project, teaching achievement award, information teaching competition and other core indicators strive to make new breakthroughs; Nine is to strengthen financial management, the school owned units should increase income and reduce expenditure, and constantly improve the efficiency of resource allocation and fund use; Ten is to ensure that the preparatory work before the beginning of the school in an orderly manner, do the main work at the beginning of the school. He believed that through the general cadre staff's unremitting efforts, will certainly complete the school year work task and the goal satisfactorily.

Finally, party committee deputy secretary Yang cong makes the summary speech. He stressed that the first is to boost morale, go all out, all departments work together to do the main work at the beginning of the school year, to ensure the smooth work. Second, broaden the thinking, scientific planning, carefully planning this semester work plan, strive to complete the annual work tasks, promote the comprehensive strength of the school to improve quickly; Third, we need to improve our political standing. In accordance with the general requirements of "keeping to the beginning, carrying out our mission, finding gaps and implementing them", we need to carry out thematic education, accelerate the pace of development and strive to catch up and surpass. He hoped that all of you should promote the healthy development of the school in an all-round way with the spirit of never being slack and the attitude of indomitable struggle, and present a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with outstanding achievements.

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