School leaders went to the dormitory to visit the new students of class 2019

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On August 31, on the first night of freshmen's registration, zhang weiping, secretary of the party committee of our school, visited the freshmen in the student apartment on behalf of our school, and interacted with them to understand their thoughts, study and life.

Secretary zhang and the new students talk cordially, ask everyone to the school accommodation conditions, dining hall, campus environment and other aspects of satisfaction, require students to make a reasonable plan of college life, buckle the first button of life. At the same time, I encourage everyone to set up a magnificent life goal, and continue to forge ahead toward the existing goal; Entering the university, we should learn to live independently and get along well with our classmates. Cherish youth and excellent learning conditions, and strive to grow into "moral, intellectual, physical, beauty, labor" comprehensive development of the new era of high-quality college students, for the school glory and add luster, make more contributions to the country.



In order to let the new students have a deeper understanding of the big family of national defense college and integrate into the new learning and living environment more quickly, secretary zhang specially presented the picture book of the 60th anniversary of the school to everyone. The students couldn't wait to open the picture book and read it carefully and exchange their feelings. During the discussion and exchange, secretary zhang told us about the glorious history and development of the school, guided students to consider their studies and career planning in combination with their own circumstances, and thought about how to lay a solid foundation for future employment and entrepreneurship, grateful parents, serve the motherland... This also becomes their first ideological and political course after entering the university.


Students have expressed that the first night of school leaders came to the dormitory to visit care for us, the in the mind is happy, and excited, let us very happy, at the same time benefited a lot, we must live up to the expectations of teachers, and strive to become a new era of qualified college students.

Yang cong, deputy secretary of the communist party of China (CPC) committee, visited new students on the evening of August 31.

Yang cong, deputy secretary, got to know the freshmen's accommodation and living conditions in detail, and asked them where they came from, how they felt about their roommates and dormitories, and whether they had adapted to the new environment. He hopes that everyone will take shaanxi national defense college as their home, help each other, learn to live and study independently, and present a new atmosphere in the new environment. In the process of condoling the freshmen, he reminded the students to make a detailed plan for their university life for three years now, cherish the university time, manage themselves well, take good care of themselves, arrange the university study and life, live up to the hope of parents and society, become an excellent shaanxi defense personnel.

The visit brought a lot of emotion to the freshmen and encouraged them to work hard in their future study and life. After the baptism of the college entrance examination, after a long wait, they entered the gate of shaanxi national defense industry vocational and technical college, either alone or with their parents' company, with the anxiety and expectation of the future three years of study life. Students have expressed that they will welcome their college life with an optimistic and positive attitude, with their own excited dreams, with the expectations of their parents, with the blessings of their friends, to this brand new place to write the song of their youth.


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