Taking root in the national defense dream and setting sail -- our school welcomes the new students of 2019

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Cool autumn, light rain. On August 31, 2019, shaanxi university of national defense welcomed its first batch of freshmen after celebrating its 60th anniversary. A kind greeting, a warm smile, a close service, welcome to the family from afar.

Warm reception: do the first station welcome service

Welcome reception station is the first window of school welcome work. On the eve of the reception, the school carefully prepared the reception work and arranged students to form a volunteer team to greet the new host of the campus with a smile and do the reception work with high quality service. In order to ensure the newly arrived in school, the school also arranged vehicles and personnel to the bus terminal, xi 'an railway station, adjacent Hu city high-speed shuttle freshmen and their parents all day, thoughtful service by the praise of the students and parents.



Teacher care: give new students a new home

During the orientation period, school leaders went to each new student registration point to personally guide the orientation work, talked with the new students and their parents, asked about the new students, and consoled the staff and volunteers, accompanied by the heads of relevant functional departments.



Counselors, volunteers, student cadres, etc., with smiles on their faces, patiently and carefully provide services for students' parents. On the way to the apartment after the registration, the volunteer students communicated actively with the freshmen and their parents, introduced the characteristics of the school and its branches to them, and helped them carry their luggage. The group was happy and harmonious, making the freshmen feel the warmth of the new home of shaanxi national defense university.




Club activities: to show the colorful university life

All the groups directly under the school youth league committee have prepared a variety of welcoming activities and exquisite gifts for the new students, and have done a good job in providing various services for the new students. The wonderful welcome activities attracted many new students who just entered the university.


Precision service: "one-stop" check-in procedures

In order to improve the efficiency of new students' registration, the school centrally handles the registration procedures in front of the library building, and posts the procedures of new students' registration in a prominent place, so as to provide one-stop service. The freshmen counselor patiently assisted the freshmen in all procedures in the class, and the senior students assisted them in all steps to guide the freshmen to get familiar with the campus and live in the apartment safely. The staff of the security department of the university set up points on the campus to maintain order, ease traffic and patrol safety, so as to create a safe environment for freshmen to enter the school. Each department of the school provides accurate services for different aspects of freshmen's enrollment to meet students' enrollment needs in an all-round way.




"Green channel" : escort students from poor families

The school has opened a one-stop green channel for poor students, and carried out a series of specific measures to help students from poor families enroll smoothly, sending warmth to freshmen from poor families at the first time, and elaborately serving new classmates from poor families.



Warm life: canteen and apartment create a beautiful living environment for students

On the eve of business, the school canteen has been cleaned to create a clean, warm dining environment. This New Year, the school canteen from food taste, service quality, food hygiene and safety, dining environment and other aspects of the preparation, to provide quality dining experience.


In order to welcome the new owner, the student apartment is also actively prepared to welcome the new work. Create comfortable and clean accommodation for freshmen.



At the same time, during the orientation period, the school used WeChat public account platform to achieve fine service. Report in order to successfully deal with other freshmen and stay in the dormitory, before reporting to push new campus culture, security and fraud prevention, the information such as accommodation, reporting route, driving advice, service facilities on campus, such as transportation, accommodations, meals and military training new attention hot spot to provide guidance, new students to provide a full range of information services. Let students begin to have a preliminary understanding of college life at home.

This year, the school overall planning, scientific deployment, all departments work together, carefully prepared, effectively ensure the smooth implementation of the orientation work. We have successfully completed the tasks of environmental beautification, site layout, reception station for freshmen, baggage collection, registration service, accommodation arrangement and so on. With careful and meticulous service attitude, thoughtful and efficient service results, freshmen and their parents have felt the warmth of shaanxi national defense university. Students from all over the country will start a new journey in the national defense college with their dreams.

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